The Prophecy

35 Pages

When a witch’s prophecy predicts the coming of a hero who will save a doomed kingdom, all hope is lost when the hero turns out to be an insufferable teenager. The stubborn witch must then help the “chosen one” become a better person in order to bring peace to their war-torn kingdom (and more importantly, uphold her precious reputation).

Artificial Unintelligence

35 Pages

After AI wipes out the human race, a family of robots live a stress-free life until they discover a group of human survivors living in their backyard. Upon taking the humans in, they find it hard to maintain their logical lives sharing the space with such irrational and crazy beings.

Bad Vigilantes

33 Pages

Upon being fined for drinking in public, a narcissist, a social justice warrior, a soon-to-be police officer, and an aspiring filmmaker embark on a misguided attempt to make a statement against law enforcement.

Trading Life

30 Pages

When a recent graduate lands a job as an investment banker, he’s immediately disillusioned by the finance industry due to his obnoxious coworkers. Thus begins his journey to step away from the path his Middle Eastern parents put him on and pursue his true passions.